Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Bryce Harper Effect, When Greatness Comes Out of Left Field

When many of us think about the summer, images of going to the beach or grilling out fill our minds. For some of you summer really only means one thing, and that’s baseball. If you’ve been paying any attention, you’ll probably know who Bryce Harper is.

But, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the name, Bryce Harper is an outfielder for the Washington Nationals. In the 2014 season he played left field, hence the pun.

Aside from being an outstanding player, Harper has an interesting take on life and business. It can be described by two words:

Keep Pushing.

What makes Bryce Harper so great is not just the fact that he is insanely talented, (at 16 he decorated Sports Illustrated’s cover with the title “Baseball’s Chosen One” and was drafted into the MLB by the Washington Nationals at 19), but the fact that he pushes himself to the limit in everything he does, and then some. He’s not one to rest on his laurels either. Even with his insane talent he is always looking for things that he can improve.

This got me thinking, what does a Bryce Harper attitude look like for business? How do we keep pushing?

We have to stay hungry, and remember what it was we set out to do. Accept nothing but the best from yourself, and your business will flourish. But get comfortable and lazy and you’ll get left behind.

What any organizational leader or manager MUST know how to do is build a sense of urgency in their organization.

Even if you’re doing everything in your power to make more sales and create a positive customer experience, it is your team who is on the front lines, keeping the engines running.  Creating a sense of urgency and embedding it into your company culture is the ONLY way you can ensure that your team is performing at their highest levels each and every day. A sense of urgency is the only way to make sure your company stays above the curve.

No matter what industry, or what stage of the game you’re in, I can help you define and identify the changes you need to build a culture of urgency in your business and create real results today.  I can coach you to implement the strategies you need to create unparalleled success and ensure your business makes a Grand Slam in the coming Quarter.

If you’re ready to transform yourself and your business in order to gain the type of award-winning success Bryce Harper created to garner national attention, contact me today. You can reach me at

And believe you can always do it if you set your mind to it!

To Your Success,

Luis Vicente Garcia

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