Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Your Personal Development in 2016

Personal Growth in 2016!

We have seen and heard that life happens. And of course it does so; it could not be otherwise because then it would not be life.

In many cases we go through it aimlessly; at other times we plan what we want to achieve. And along the way there are events that can never be predicted or planned. Everything will be then, the result of how we respond to these events and challenges and what they mean; it is, in other words, the value or experience that we attach to each occurrence, determining how we move through them and how we embark and head back to happier and better times.

Success is something only you define and then decide to reach.

I am often asked how are people able to achieve the levels of personal and professional success they enjoy? These questions come when we realize that many successful people come from being born into a working class or poor, or have had family issues or have not fared well in school or have had many difficulties in their lives.

The answer to how to achieve success is Personal Development.
It is continuous change, personal growth and development that has changed the lives of millions of people and continues to do so today.

Why do I say it continues to do?

Because the mistake many people make is thinking that for attending a single event or personal development seminar they are ready to advance and reach all their goals. This is not an issue of doing it once; it is a matter of doing it gradually and continuously. It takes time and effort and it requires discipline!

Successful people know that personal development is a continuous process.

In this way we set new goals and new objectives and that is when we decided to move into uncharted territory but determined to succeed. And so the decision to grow, learn and develop continuously is yours!

Start now to make your 2016 a very successful year in which you will really grow and develop personally and professionally, working on yourself and your future. And be sure to get ready to get many surprises along the way.

Start the year highly motivated, committed to your development and Happy 2016! To Your Success!

Luis Vicente Garcia

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