Saturday, November 14, 2015

FocalPoint Coaching: Training week 2015!

What will FocalPoint coaches and trainers have in common next week? We will all be dedicated to training and facilitating managerial and entrepreneurial growth throughout the world.

Yes, the week of November 16th- 20th will be dedicated to training business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and managers in many areas, from setting goals, to time management techniques to improving sales; also many of us will be training in personal and professional development and peak performance. This is what we - at FocalPoint Coaching -do all year round; however for the first time we are dedicating a full week to training and, more importantly, will do it all over the world.

Our goal is to help more people grow, achieve their goals faster and feel more empowered with engaged team members. This is why we are inviting as many people as possible to join us next week in the many places and cities throughout the world to grow both personally and professionally.  Now is the time to take massive action and go start unleashing your peak performance levels.

International Training Week is next week! We will also be donating 10% of proceeds to children's cancer research. This is why training is also very important to all of us as we contribute constantly to improve the lives of others as well.

We will be delivering training and coaching sessions in several cities simultaneously, like in different places in the US and Canada, and in cities as Sydney, London, Singapore and New Delhi, India. I myself will be training teams in my home city of Caracas, Venezuela on Monday and then will be flying to Nicaragua for a series of training and coaching events in Managua with Alejandro and Margarita Pasos from SuccessFactor in Nicaragua. A very interesting week indeed!

Start getting the new skills and learning you need and that will drive you forward for years to come.

If you are interested on learning more on what FocalPoint Coaching and Training can do for you and your company, please contact us at or myself at
To Your Success!

Luis Vicente Garcia, FocalPoint Coach & Trainer.