Sunday, March 6, 2016

OSCAR Winning TEAM Formula

If you watched the 2016 Oscars®, it was another night to celebrate the underdog.
That night, Hollywood’s biggest and brightest took to the stage to accept their Bronze statuettes, a mark of the highest achievement anyone in the film industry can receive.
But as I watched cast of ‘Spotlight’ receive their award, another thought crossed my mind. As the director and producers of the film came onstage, they were not alone. They were joined by an entire line of actors and team members who shared warm hugs and tears of joy. They ‘buzzed’ with the excitement of what they were able to accomplish—not alone, but together.
Prior to that, Alejandro Iñarritú had just received his Oscar® for Best Director of the film ‘The Revenant’, second year in a row he has won such a prestigious award.
For me the night had so many wonderful take-aways. But one which stands out most is Team Work.
You don’t have to be an award winning director to apply Spotlight’s or have Alejandro Iñarritú’s teamwork model to achieve ground-breaking business success today. 

You see, the casts of 'Spotlight' and ‘Birdman’ seemed to realize something other teams may fail to realize: 

If you want to receive the highest honor in any industry, 
you have to understand the Power of the Team.

No Oscar-winning movie would be complete without the best sound effects, music scores, direction, make-up, actors, scriptwriters, or special effects. Every detail has to be right to achieve the award-winning results we all want to see in our business.

Alejandro Iñarritú understood the Power of the Team and used that knowledge to build an award-winning cast and film. He knew how to organize a team that is creative, innovative, and achieves award-winning results.
Is your team ready for ‘Birdman’-worthy fame? Are you capitalizing on the teamwork power Alejandro used to gain the highest honor in his field?
Your company’s award might not come in a form of a statue, but it will come in the way of satisfied customers, excellent products and services, community involvement and improved branding for you and your company.
Are you ready to make your business and TEAM ‘Oscar-Ready’?
If so, I have the Oscar Formula you need for ultimate success.
You might have thought, “I already have a plan in place.” Or, “I’m not sure if I’m ready to try something new.”
The truth is, change is hard. Even scary. But I have some good news for you. All you have to do is take the first step. I will take care of the rest.
Here are 2 Oscar- Worthy Tips that are guaranteed to increase productivity and profitability in your business, regardless of the industry you’re in.
1.  EMPOWER your team members in a way that helps them grow.
Now, you might be thinking,
I’m already empowering my team members. But are you doing it in a way that motivates them to use their gifts and abilities to the max?
Are you empowering your time to perform at their utmost level of potential?
2.  DELIVER messages that are positive and motivating.
Are you speaking to your team members in a way that is both powerful and reassuring? Are you using the type of language in your everyday interactions that
inspires hard work and dedication?
Or are your words causing your employees to doubt or
second-guess their contributions?
The words we use matter. If you want to change the words you use to create powerful and profitable change in your company, you can start now.

Contact me today to create the type of award-winning success Alejandro Iñarritú created to win Oscar fame. You can reach me at or visit my web and
And believe you can always do it, 
if you set your mind to it!
Luis Vicente