Sunday, December 4, 2016

The One Law You Should Break...

The One Law You Should Break...

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The Law of Entropy states that all systems, if left unattended, run down. Unless new energy is provided, each organism deteriorates. What does this mean when applied to individuals, teams, relationships, organizations, and associations?
If these are left unattended, no new energy is provided and they will diminish.
In business, if we assume that our systems, relationships, operations, sales, and marketing can be left unattended and unrefreshed, they will break. Machines do not work without maintenance, repair, and tuning, nor will we or our companies.
Do you find that you’re asking yourself what to do to counteract personal and organizational entropy? Is there a way to make certain that your relationships with others, and with yourself, are well nurtured and thriving? Some ways to break the law of entropy include:
  • Having and reviewing Goals,
  • Exercising,
  • Going on date nights with your significant other,
  • Meditating,
  • Reflective journaling, and
  • Reviewing your metrics in business and your personal life.

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