Monday, July 4, 2016

An incredible afternoon on life and opportunities with Joan Detz

I saw Joan Detz @joandetz speak at a financial professional convention in DC two years ago. Is she a financial expert, a numbers specialist or a metrics expert? No; she is an incredible lady who has devoted her life to training and coaching people for all corners of the world and trades in different fields on the art of #PublicSpeaking. And after seeing how she did it and what she accomplished I needed to meet her, but I could not do it at the convention.

But wait; I am a simple guy living in a foreign country who happened to be in DC at that time. How will I meet her? Come possibilities: I contacted her with the advancement of technology. So after getting in touch I sent her some of my work (I am sure she needed to find out who this crazy person form Venezuela was). So back in late 2014 we started exchanging emails, got on a phone conversation and as they say, it was the start of a beautiful friendship; and indeed it has continued to be.

Fast forward two years, I have had incredible phone conversations with Joan, I have interviewed her on my internet radio show on two incredible subjects, public speaking tips and social media tools and how you can boost your life and careers using them and both are on the top list of my all time shows. And best of all, I was able to visit with Joan last week in New York to what I call a wonderful afternoon. We had lunch, we went to the New York Public Library, we saw old maps, and we strolled down Bryant Park. But best of all, we had an amazing but very short five-hour conversation; and it was incredible.

What do you speak with such an experienced, traveled and fabulous person? We talked about life’s journeys, we talked about the change in technology, age, knowledge, wisdom, politics, and life again and we talked about dreams, those fuzzy things you can actually convert into reality. We talked about peace and quiet, life on the countryside and on the complicated city life; and we talked about how we take things for granted, yes we all do. It was a deep thoughtful powerful conversation.

And this is what friendship is all about. It is a different kind of friendship, a beautiful one. It is not your friends form high school or college whom after a while you stopped seeing; it is the new friends you met along the path you cross, that you allow into your life, and what an incredible idea is it to invite new friends into your life. And we choose those friends, people who like us want better, look for nature’s beauty, who engage on interesting conversations which are very meaningful, important, thoughtful, wonderful and all together transformational.

This and more was my NY afternoon with Joan Detz. What an honor, what a pleasure. I flew in from Venezuela; she took a train ride from Pennsylvania. Was it worth it? Indeed and it was too short of a conversation on life’s journeys, on health, opportunities and future, with passion and vision and ideas and thoughts and dreams and why not, a touch of reality here and there. And what a wonderful friendship it has become. 

Joan, keep inspiring people, keep being a wonderful friend.
Luis Vicente

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