Thursday, September 24, 2015

Luis Vicente Garcia, Key-note Speaker at the United Nations!

Dear Friends, queridos amigos

It is my real pleasure to share with you the video of an amazing opportunity I had to speak at the headquarters of the United Nations last June. I was one of the founding members of the Global Economic Initiative where 30 entrepreneurs from seven different countries gathered to speak and discuss about some the issues that are affecting the world of business, education and economics today. It was an incredible event.

My message was that regardless of our circumstances, you need to be positive, be an optimist and have a strong personal motivation. Once you have these key-ingredients, you will be able to become a better entrepreneur and business owner, have more clarity and see things in a much better way.

We cannot leave everything that needs to be fixed to the governments we have in many countries, particularly in Latin America. This is why I call out to the local and regional entrepreneurs to:

a)      Be the ‘change factor’ we need to be and want to become;
b)      Generate the initiatives that are needed to empower our people and our teams – basically through training and education; and,
c)       Guide our countries to a higher level of growth and development.

We can do this and much more form the private sector and need to start working on these initiatives today, as taking ACTION today is a must.

Thanks to the National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers and to the International Entrepreneur Foundation for such an incredible invitation to speak at this life-changing event on this magnificent institution in New York.

Luis Vicente  

Saturday, September 12, 2015

An Entrepreneurial trip to ARMONIA

I can describe my trip to Oaxaca, Mexico earlier this year as a "Magical" life changing experience. Being part of the entrepreneurial team that went to visit ARMONIA near the mountains of Oaxaca was an inspiration. Representing the National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers as well as the International Entrepreneur Foundation I felt that it was an honor, an incredible learning experience as well as a new big responsibility.

ARMONIA is the life work of Dr. Saul Cruz, who saw poverty not as the lack of money but as the lack of opportunity. Being in Oaxaca I felt that experience with energy and passion, learning that there is so much we can do - individually and as a group - to change poverty, inequality and unfairness in many parts of the world.  Having had the chance to travel with 3-time Emmy Award winning Director Nick Nanton and his team, as well as other members of these incredible organizations, allowed me to learn, develop as a person, make new friends and see the world from a different perspective.

Being from Venezuela I am confronted with many issues in my daily life: scarcity, insecurity, hyper-inflation and an increase also in the country's poverty rate; but it happens in many countries as well. Thus, this new and bigger responsibility comes from understanding really what poverty is: discrimination of any kind, the lack of vision, little or no opportunities, no education and having no future. When you add the lack of money, it turns into misery.

Travelling with a group of incredible entrepreneurs from all over the world to Mexico, to have the chance to make a difference onto others, allowed me to grow personally and also see my business in a different way. This is why I am now looking for new ideas and insights that will create new opportunities for others to prosper and have a better future. And being a part of the Celebrity Films crew that created an amazing documentary also called ARMONIA, and becoming one of its Executive Producers was something I had never dream of; and something I will always be grateful for. If you want to see the documentary trailer please visit the following link

If you want to help the ARMONIA idea and project grow, please contact me at 

I then would invite anyone who wants to change their lives and also the lives of so many other people, who are in need of guidance, inspiration and motivation, to do something different, to see new ways to help people and to envision new ideas to change the world. And if you have the opportunity to go on a trip like this one, I can assure you it will be the trip of your entrepreneurial career, a life changing event and an emotional connection with the people you will be helping for years to come.

Luis Vicente Garcia 
Caracas, Venezuela

Thursday, September 3, 2015

It’s time to go Back to Work!

Well, summer is over and with autumn just approaching, we might remember the feeling of going back to the classroom. We can all recall the feelings of anticipation that come with the start of the new school year. Going back to school each fall, we experienced a change in mindset and reset our focus after the long summer days.

How can you keep this attitude working for you in your professional career?

Now is the Time to Learn Something New

The most successful individuals and entrepreneurs are constantly reading, attending seminars, engaging with mentors, and exposing themselves to new ideas and opportunities. Bolstering your knowledge in your field and improving your leadership skills can enhance your career and give you an edge. The extra contacts that continuing education provides are also beneficial in today’s competitive market.

What about Goals?

Are you 66% of the way to accomplishing the goals you set for 2015? The next 4 months are the prime time to make progress toward your year-end goals.

What is next?

Plan the last four months of the year; work on your goals; review your Team and their activities. See and visualize where you want to end the 2015 year so that you start to get ready for 2016. Have you thought of your strategic plan and the actions and steps you will have to follow in order to reach your goal?

As a FocalPoint Business Coach (powered by Brian Tracy) I do this for many clients in several countries, working hand in hand with them, guiding their teams, pushing their limits, stablishing goals and developing a coaching program that will take them to new levels of performance.

Take action!

Email us at lgarcia@focalpointcoaching.comto get your free 20-minute consultation call and see how we can help you grow and reach your goals faster.
Luis Vicente Garcia

FocalPoint Business Performance Coach
Brian Tracy International Certified Trainer