Tuesday, April 26, 2016

5-Keys to Better Engagement

As we know ENGAGEMENT is a critical component for today's success. Whether for business or your personal lives, you need to understand the importance of engagement.

Today we live in a very fast paced and changing market and workplace. And employees play a critical and very important role on the success of our companies. An important question here would be: do you know the level of engagement of your employees and team members?

I had the opportunity to interview Hans Trupp on my radio show 'Performing at Your Best: Mindset Evolution with Luis Vicente Garcia' on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel. On commenting about the meaning of engaged employees, we talked about the business where the level of involvement and enthusiasm of  all employees generates commitment for growth and innovation, alongside productivity and performance. So having an engaged employee is everybody's responsibility today.

Hans shared his 5-Keys to Better Engagement in 2016. Read them and really work with the tools and action items listed so you increase the level of engagement in your company:

1. Attitude
In learning how to improve self confidence, one must understand how the law of attraction works. If you think dis-empowering thoughts and are mixing these with feelings of fear, apprehension and disappointment, you are not getting what you want. Instead use the Law of Attraction in a powerful, positive and conscious way.
ACTION: Write down positive words and affirmative affirmations. Make them part of your thinking routine, and eliminate and replace the non supportive thoughts every time you are aware of them.

2. Communication
Since each person has a preferred style of communication, once you think about it and determine their style, you can communicate effectively by adapting your style to meet the needs of their style.
Remember first rule of maximum communication: the success of the communication is the responsibility of the communicator.
ACTION: Build awareness of your own behavioral style. Practice reading other peoples style. Craft your important messages to different behavioral styles.

3. Clarity
Lack of clarity is probably more responsible for frustration and underachievement than any other single factor. That’s why we say that "Success is goals, and all else is commentary." People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine. This is true everywhere and under all circumstances.
ACTION: The more you write and rewrite your goals and the more you think about them, the clearer you will become about them.

4. Efficiency
The reason nothing you have tried has improved your time management is because, until now, no one has told you the truth: The key to time management is to stop wasting it.
ACTION: Take 30 minutes to remember your long term vision, to recheck your medium term strategic plan and to identify the key action items that will get you there. focus on just your real priorities.

5. Training
Understand the individual in a team rather than see the team as a collective them, allow individuals in a team to shine in the awareness of their individual impact and then feed their dreams and starve their fears. Seek out training that links personal goals to effort in the workplace. Find training methodologies that leverage adult learning styles. Building accountability systems for sustained behavioral change.
ACTION: Get clear about your training goals. Link the training goals to measurable indicators.
Commit to a training program to accelerate goal achievement.

Commit yourself to these challenges or action items and start improving the level of engagement in your companies and your success, which will come as a result of implementing these changes.

If you want to hear our interview Click HERE!

And if you want to contact Hans Trupp, you can write him directly at htrupp@focalpointcoaching.com

Increase the level of engagement on your company and see the performance of your teams improved in very interesting ways.

Luis Vicente Garcia