Tuesday, April 28, 2015

TEC: TEEN Entrepreneur College Summit

I am very honored to have been invited to be the Key-Note Speaker on the first ever TEC - Teen Entrepreneur College Summit organized by the Houston Community College @HCCDistrict

High School students form Houston and surroundings areas will be able to learn first hand form real entrepreneurs and college professors on the importance of 'Entrepreneurship' and embark in an entrepreneurial adventure.

In recognition of these high school students and future entrepreneurs, here is a new article to 'Start Early on Entrepreneurship!' 
- It's your TIME.

Luis Vicente

Start Early on Entrepreneurship!

Entrepreneurship is about daring, taking chances, not knowing where you are going and yet, taking action.

Entrepreneurship is about movement, using action verbs, about implementing strategies to fulfill your dreams. I say fulfill as you will reach them along the way and then you, the entrepreneur, will be looking for new ways to improve your company, your team, your performance; in the simplest way, to improve yourself.

As a business performance coach I meet regularly with business owners and entrepreneurs alike. And yes, there is a big difference in their definition. While business owners most times manage their companies, entrepreneurs look for ways to innovate, create and constantly improve their current and new ventures. You may agree or disagree with me on this definition, but put some thought into it. Most successful entrepreneurs I have interviewed have mainly one regret, not having started earlier. However, the good thing I tell them is that they have started already.

And the only way you will succeed in life and in business is if you put your heart and soul into making your team and your company, very productive.

This is what entrepreneurs do every single day. They start with a dream and then go working out of their way to see it become a reality.

As the title of this short article suggests, you need to start early.  And then start again and again until you get it right and do it right. Taking the first step gets you going and moves you in a direction. It may not be the right one; you might have to change courses from time to time; so you have to set your mind on your goals. Developing your goals and creating the strategies to implement them is of crucial importance.

Start early. Your idea does not have to be perfect; nor does your plan (and of course you do need a plan). But until you start you will never know what you will need to change, to adapt, to modify. Simply put, start and start early so that you can become the entrepreneur you have in you.

Start early on Entrepreneurship: It will give you a New and Brighter Future!

Luis Vicente Garcia

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Bryce Harper Effect, When Greatness Comes Out of Left Field

When many of us think about the summer, images of going to the beach or grilling out fill our minds. For some of you summer really only means one thing, and that’s baseball. If you’ve been paying any attention, you’ll probably know who Bryce Harper is.

But, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the name, Bryce Harper is an outfielder for the Washington Nationals. In the 2014 season he played left field, hence the pun.

Aside from being an outstanding player, Harper has an interesting take on life and business. It can be described by two words:

Keep Pushing.

What makes Bryce Harper so great is not just the fact that he is insanely talented, (at 16 he decorated Sports Illustrated’s cover with the title “Baseball’s Chosen One” and was drafted into the MLB by the Washington Nationals at 19), but the fact that he pushes himself to the limit in everything he does, and then some. He’s not one to rest on his laurels either. Even with his insane talent he is always looking for things that he can improve.

This got me thinking, what does a Bryce Harper attitude look like for business? How do we keep pushing?

We have to stay hungry, and remember what it was we set out to do. Accept nothing but the best from yourself, and your business will flourish. But get comfortable and lazy and you’ll get left behind.

What any organizational leader or manager MUST know how to do is build a sense of urgency in their organization.

Even if you’re doing everything in your power to make more sales and create a positive customer experience, it is your team who is on the front lines, keeping the engines running.  Creating a sense of urgency and embedding it into your company culture is the ONLY way you can ensure that your team is performing at their highest levels each and every day. A sense of urgency is the only way to make sure your company stays above the curve.

No matter what industry, or what stage of the game you’re in, I can help you define and identify the changes you need to build a culture of urgency in your business and create real results today.  I can coach you to implement the strategies you need to create unparalleled success and ensure your business makes a Grand Slam in the coming Quarter.

If you’re ready to transform yourself and your business in order to gain the type of award-winning success Bryce Harper created to garner national attention, contact me today. You can reach me at coachluis@luisvicentegarcia.com.

And believe you can always do it if you set your mind to it!

To Your Success,

Luis Vicente Garcia

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Earth Day 2015: Managing our Environment.

Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22nd since 1970, when then US Senator, Gaylord Nelson, saw the oil spill off the coast of California and decided to do something about it. Raising awareness was his goal and already by 1990 had reached a massive turnout, mobilizing more than 200 million people in over 140 countries.

This year we are commemorating the 45th anniversary of that first day when people decided to celebrate "Earth Day". A movement - perhaps as many - which failed at the beginning to see the extent it would have. For many, this is the starting date of the modern environmental movement.

Yes we do have events in many countries, states or cities; we have understood and probably changed our own judgments about what is good or bad for our environment. But this has to be something more. We all need to realize the importance of our natural resources and our precious Earth, understanding the use we give them, and more importantly the commitment we have to make not only for us but for future generations. It should be the ideal of a better, greener, less polluted and more livable world.

Since the 90’s, with creativity and getting various groups and institutions involved, different activities and movements worldwide have resulted. Among the many achievements we can cite the following:

- Home Recycling;
- The Conservationism movement;
- Major Environmental Commitment;
- Sustainable Agriculture auto;
- Promotion of local production rather than the big international chains;
- Changes on many topics related to Nutrition
- The development of organic replacing the synthetic;
- Understanding the consequences of global warming;
- Development of Energy "Clean";
- Efforts for reducing Carbon Dioxide.

There are many initiatives, programs, movements and ideas that have come out so far; but more effort is required. A joint effort of all and for all required; greater commitment on the part of companies and governments is required; more action is required. And this goes beyond planting trees or visiting a festival during Earth week. That of course has to be done; but our commitment must be in education, teaching, generating new ideas to improve the use of these precious resources and, of course, our active participation is required.

As for the past five years, around this date I do not write about attitude, motivation, entrepreneurship or leadership; I dedicate an article to the welfare of our environment. But if we think in a serious way, this is rather a matter of "ENVIRONMENTAL ATTITUDE". It means to be accountable for what needs to be done; creating different initiatives; and realizing the changes that we can generate for a better environment. I think we're just - still - starting out, and really need to do more. In other words we should be talking about ‘managing our Environment’.

Let's make Earth Day every day. 
This is the only way that will lead us to act in a different and more sustainable way.

In other words, let’s start 'Motivating' the idea of ​​caring for and improving our environment.

Luis Vicente Garcia.

Friday, April 3, 2015

StarShine Academy: on a world wide Education initiative and the X-Prize

Dear Friends

Last year I had the honor to be invited to speak to the students at Star Shine Academy in Phoenix, AZ. What a group of very valuable kids. Although most live in difficult, negative and poor environments, Star Shine Academy devotes itself to providing them with the best K-12 education.

This year Star Shine has embarked yet in another more challenging project, reaching out to 250 million kids worldwide. They are doing a magnificent effort and if they succeed, they will receive the X-Prize for Global Learning to pursue this amazing goal; but they need our help. They need to raise enough funds to help this project get started.

If you want to find out more about the project and what this amazing prize means, I invite you to please read the link below:

I am sure you will love the project and if possible contribute to its success. Go ahead, share the news and become involved in this worldwide education improvement.

Thanks in adance/Muchas gracias anticipadas,

Luis Vicente