Monday, July 14, 2014

Systems and processes in Franchising

As we continue to embark on a learning experience about franchising, I would like to ask you a question: How many franchising companies do you know? They may be a fast-casual restaurant, a pharmacy, a hotel chain, a rental car agency, a flower shop, a barber, an ice cream parlor or so many others you cannot even imagine. Almost 90 industries use the Business Franchising Model in order to grow their network. So now go out and start thinking on the places you visit, the shops and restaurants you go and see if you can figure out which of those are franchising establishments.

How can you achieve fast and steady growth and guarantee that it is all done in the same way? The answer is very simple: it is all a system, a series of processes and programs the franchisee has to follow, all very well documented in the different kinds of operational manuals all franchising systems (small or large) have. And the franchisee follows a strict training process that allows the new owner (he or she most times call themselves entrepreneurs) to perform at the level the franchisor (the owner of the franchise) requires.

Why? Very simply because you, the customer, will expect to buy the same hamburger, sandwich, pizza every where they go  in the world; you would expect to receive the same level of quality service from your rental car agency or your hotel also anywhere. And franchising developed a system in which you can be certain of getting those every time you go and visit one of these stores. This is why it is a system, a process, that when done well, it will allow you to grow and constantly improve your business.

And then you can start doing your own research. Which places do I go frequently to shop, dine, or use during my travels? It is actually amazing to realize that some of the largest service companies in the world operate through franchising. Hotels, car rentals, full service or fast food restaurants; you name it. They are mostly franchising units that are required to operate under a series of standards and quality measures so that you, the customer will (almost) always receive the same (or similar) product, with the same quality and with the same level of service.

Understand that it s all a system and processes, and when followed, they will produce the best results.

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