Saturday, April 11, 2015

Earth Day 2015: Managing our Environment.

Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22nd since 1970, when then US Senator, Gaylord Nelson, saw the oil spill off the coast of California and decided to do something about it. Raising awareness was his goal and already by 1990 had reached a massive turnout, mobilizing more than 200 million people in over 140 countries.

This year we are commemorating the 45th anniversary of that first day when people decided to celebrate "Earth Day". A movement - perhaps as many - which failed at the beginning to see the extent it would have. For many, this is the starting date of the modern environmental movement.

Yes we do have events in many countries, states or cities; we have understood and probably changed our own judgments about what is good or bad for our environment. But this has to be something more. We all need to realize the importance of our natural resources and our precious Earth, understanding the use we give them, and more importantly the commitment we have to make not only for us but for future generations. It should be the ideal of a better, greener, less polluted and more livable world.

Since the 90’s, with creativity and getting various groups and institutions involved, different activities and movements worldwide have resulted. Among the many achievements we can cite the following:

- Home Recycling;
- The Conservationism movement;
- Major Environmental Commitment;
- Sustainable Agriculture auto;
- Promotion of local production rather than the big international chains;
- Changes on many topics related to Nutrition
- The development of organic replacing the synthetic;
- Understanding the consequences of global warming;
- Development of Energy "Clean";
- Efforts for reducing Carbon Dioxide.

There are many initiatives, programs, movements and ideas that have come out so far; but more effort is required. A joint effort of all and for all required; greater commitment on the part of companies and governments is required; more action is required. And this goes beyond planting trees or visiting a festival during Earth week. That of course has to be done; but our commitment must be in education, teaching, generating new ideas to improve the use of these precious resources and, of course, our active participation is required.

As for the past five years, around this date I do not write about attitude, motivation, entrepreneurship or leadership; I dedicate an article to the welfare of our environment. But if we think in a serious way, this is rather a matter of "ENVIRONMENTAL ATTITUDE". It means to be accountable for what needs to be done; creating different initiatives; and realizing the changes that we can generate for a better environment. I think we're just - still - starting out, and really need to do more. In other words we should be talking about ‘managing our Environment’.

Let's make Earth Day every day. 
This is the only way that will lead us to act in a different and more sustainable way.

In other words, let’s start 'Motivating' the idea of ​​caring for and improving our environment.

Luis Vicente Garcia.

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