Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to Boost Your Career and Build Your Business through Public Speaking

After many years of study on different fields I see myself as having two possibilitieseither learning something new or teaching something to others every single day. The best scenario? When you can do both at the same time! How do you see yourself?

Having my very own show at VoiceAmerica Business Channel (@voiceAmBusiness) has allowed me to do that, teach and learn and then learn and teach some more. Through my radio shows I have spoken about entrepreneurs and leaders, vision and goals. I have interviewed people on franchising and strategy. And today we learned a little more.

I had the pleasure of interviewing author and speaker Joan Detz (www.joandetz.com and @joandetz) and we had an amazing conversation about the importance of Public Speaking to your Business Success; and, to your personal success as well.

We all need to learn to speak better, communicate our message across, reach more people with our ideas and guide and help as many people we can.  If we can improve how we communicate through public speaking we can all do a much better and bigger job. Joan is the author of the book How to Write and Give a Speech which I do recommend to anyone, expert or amateur, who wants to learn or to improve how to speak in public; Joan teaches us many lessons and gives us many tips on how to create and deliver better speeches.

During our conversation Joan explained her ‘9-step Formula for Successful Presentation’ and you can listen to her on our show http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/86533/how-to-boost-your-career-and-build-your-business-through-public-speaking-with-joan-detz-and-luis  

Start building your Public Speaking career and it will help you grow both personally and professionally.

Continue increasing your performace!
Luis Vicente

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