Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Reaching 70,000 visitors on 'Motivando El Futuro'

I have been writing for years now. First on finance and franchising during the 90's to management and leadership today.

I started writing in Spanish, my native language. Over time I wrote in a second language, English, as I was invited in 202 to collaborate with a chapter for my first English book, 'Dare to Succeed', which featured Jack Canfield and many other international business leaders; and just three years later I have written for seven books and over a hundred articles that have been published in many magazines, journals and newsletters.

It just shows us that we can achieve anything we want, even in other languages or other fields. Just decide and act on it.

And I am writing about this as we are very happy, having reached the 70,000th visitor to my Spanish blog on Personal Motivation and Positive Attitude which is called 'Motivando El Futuro' ( Please visit it and scam though it, even if you are not fluent in  Spanish. It is highly recommended.

In my 15 years as a writer I have to say you learn t enjoy the writing and the sharing of the messages. And specially when after so many years you have people commenting on a subject you touched upon some time ago. I invite you to do what you like, what you enjoy, see your passion, follow your dreams. It will be the beginning of something new and who knows, new opportunities will arise.

Thanks to the 70,000 people who have read my Motivando El Futuro Blog these past five years; I have sure enjoyed the ride.

To your success

Luis Vicente

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