Friday, October 23, 2015

Learning is Life in itself: And a Business Performance Coach is always Learning!

There is not a single day in which I do not learn something. It can be from a course, a class, my kids, a client, a video seminar, a conference, a live event, a podcast, a radio show; you name it. And this has been one of those amazing weeks.

I have done all of the activities I have mentioned above; and besides that, today I started a three-day training session at the FocalPoint Coaching training headquarters in San Diego, CA. It is very simple: never stop learning and embrace learning (as a speaker yesterday told a group of 150+ authors that gathered in Los Angeles: you will do it anyways whether you like it or not!).

This week alone (which for me started last Sunday), started by attending a TEDx talk, reading a book about coloring your business, being invited as a guest to a financial radio show, listened to a friend’s podcast on strategy, learned from my oldest kid about generating ideas, worked with few of my clients - thanks to the new technology -, had an amazing Episode of my Radio Show 'Performing at Your Best: Mindset Evolution' and was present at the 2015 Book Extravaganza and EIPPY Award Ceremony in LA; all in one week. You see, 'You learn from all of these different activities, and from the people you meet, form the messages that you hear, from the training you give and receive, and from the experiences you listened form strangers who now become your friends. It is a never ending and a continuous process, combined together. Does it make sense? I have to say: Yes!

Today I also learned from business friends and colleagues I had the pleasure to see again after a year and being with them in meetings all morning or for lunch. So you see; learning is about growth, about potential, and future. Learning is about creating a new vision that will allow you to see from a different perspective. Learning is Life in itself!

And as for my coaching side, there is always a new learning process. I had not been back in San Diego for over a year now and what will I be doing form today until Sunday is being trained by the best performance coaches on how to continue to be a better business coach and now in the new incredible programs at FocalPoint Corporate Trainig. And it does wonders for our clients and for us. I have called it my S2SLM! my Sunday2Sunday Learning Marathon! And you can have one as well. Just prepare it and take it as it does wonders to your Mind.

So what does a Business Performance Coach does when he is not coaching, mentoring or creating ideas? We are learning, learning and learning. It is the only way to be ahead in the game; it is the only way to better help our clients, our colleagues and our community to grow, constantly and achieve ther goals faster.

So next time you ask your coach: 'what have you been up to lately?' Do not be surprised if the answer is LEARNING!

Luis Vicente Garcia

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