Friday, December 11, 2015

Be Positive... during this Holiday Season!

Dear friends,

This Holiday Season is a very special time of the year. We are just three weeks form the new year and it gives us wonderful opportunities to review what we did in 2015 and how to prepare better for 2016! 

We can review our achievements, how close we are of getting our goals and how are we developing the plan for a successful new year. Are you ready?

As you know, it will depend on many different issues: your TEAM, the use of your RESOURCES, the EFFECTIVENESS of your operations and the level of PERFORMANCE you achieve.

We all have challenges; and we have to think of new ideas and new approaches to solve them and take care of the many pressing issues we have today.

And as we enter this new holiday season, I want you to have the chapter I wrote for the book “Dare to Succeed”, which I co-authored with Jack Canfield and many other experts from around the world. The chapter is called ‘Be Positive, Be Successful’. And it is based on what I truly believe that:

“Our own positive attitude and personal motivation are the key driving forces for everything we do.”

Thus, start improving your attitude and learn how to be motivated and be positive; then you can do wonders in your lives and help as many people you want. And start with one very simple rule: SMILE J

If you would like to download my chapter ‘Be Positive, Be Successful’, please Click HERE.. And please share it with those you care.

Happy Holidays,

Luis Vicente



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