Saturday, December 26, 2015

Starting a STRONG 2016!

"To achieve something you must first dream it;
To dream it we must see;
To see this we must visualize;
To start our journey we must set goals;
To achieve our goals, we must take action."

At the end of the year we must see and understand the achievements and goals that we reached during the year.

A year where we were always looking for those new opportunities - that being disguised as hard work, dedication and commitment - we identified and pursued; a year in which some of the challenges and complex issues had to be converted into new visions for positive thinking; a year where we learned, studied and improved continuously. A year where we begin to turn the impossible into possible!

Those pages of 2015 that on January 1st were blank are now filled with the joy and exhilaration of what we did. As we go over what we did, we are now able to enjoy our achievements with each of the members of our families; to be able to thank each and every member of our teams, our clients and associates for being there always helping us to be better; a year in which we always strived to give our very best; and in doing so, we were able to fill those pages with everything we learned and we taught. And at the end, it is a year filled with the many goals that were achieved and that little by little we were working on. And now, it is the time to enjoy all the adventures and experiences we had.

And when we realize everything we accomplish, I want to thank everyone who helped make 2015 happen; it has been possible and has been fabulous growing experience, even though there were challenges turned into opportunities!

Let this Christmas be the preparation for a great 2016, full of growth, new learning and even greater experiences; and that this new adventure which is about to begin, enable us to achieve all the goals that we set, and always give us more and better opportunities.

Merry Christmas and toast for an incredible 2016 where all our positive change will make a big and everlasting difference!

Luis Vicente Garcia Giliberti

Caracas, December 2015.

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