Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Coach that makes all the difference!

A coach is a coach is a coach. Right? Maybe not.

Skylar Diggins USA Today’s article on the Head Coach of the Notre Dame University women's team and her staff reveals it. There are personal coaches, life, wellness, sports, business, financial coaches and many in between. As Ms. Diggins reports, the difference in this year Notre Dame's women’s team going to the NCAA Tournament is in the coaching staff. Or at least part of it.

As a business performance coach I see it every day: the most successful teams have talent and skills; dedication and endurance; great players becoming excellent players. And they have an amazing characteristic: they have incredible coaches. We help people, push athletes, guide businesses and the likes. We are there whenever they need us and we know they can perform better, so that is why we strengthen their skills, help them find new ones, work to develop their new abilities and create better professionals in every field.

We also saw that when Andy Murray first greeted his coach, Ivan Lendl, when winning Wimbledon last June. Something else to think about on what coaches can do for great teams and amazing people.

Thanks Skylar for pointing out that coaches go a long way in helping our clients to reach new heights and perform better. You can read her article at

Luis Vicente Garcia

Skylar Diggins is a ESPN contributor, an All American Player and the No. 3 draft pick from Notre Dame in 2013. You can follow her at @skydigg4  

Luis Vicente Garcia is a FocalPoint Business Performance Coach, best-selling author, international speaker and a Brian Tracy International certified trainer. You can follow him at @lvgarciag

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