Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Keeping things simple, for a start.

One sometimes wonders why other people seem to have more time or manage to do much more than what we do. Reality is that the day has 24 hours to each and every one of us. Then, why did Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs achieved so many wonderful things and it seems we run of time always? Why were they so successful? While there are many answers that can be given to these questions, one of the easiest ones to grasp is that we need to always be able to do the simple things, one at a time.

For example, if we were asked to lose 30 pounds in a year, what will our first reaction be? Or if we are asked to read 15 books until the end of the year? Often we will think this is impossible. Well, it might not be. In order to achieve something great, you just have to do it consistently over a long period of time; it is kind of creating a new habit. To read 15 books in a year only, we have to read 10 pages a day; it is that simple. To lose 30 pounds in a year, break it down into simpler activities, like losing 3 pounds per month. Not hard in reality, we just need to start doing it, step by step. The truth is that it will not be that hard on us. We are only required to do simple, small things, one after the other and doing it continuously.

It's easy to make things simple, but it is also easy not to make them that simple as we like, by nature, to complicate things. It is equally easy to make simple decisions, but also easy not to make them. It all depends on our attitude. If today we decided to do the simple things and make simple decisions, we can do it also tomorrow and every day thereafter. If we do not read 10 pages a single day, the truth is that nothing will happen. However, if we do not do it for days, weeks or a month, it will take its toll and it may begin to affect our daily routines, our habits. Eventually, most likely we will never do it again or if we do, we might have to start from scratch. But the opposite is also true. If today I start reading 10 pages, to walk for 10 minutes, to slightly lose weight, or start anything, the idea of doing something new and acting towards a new goal might start working, as I am likely to repeat it again tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow and so on. We need to make those new habits part of our own daily life. And after regularly exercising, eating a healthy diet, reading 10 or 15 books a year, you will probably have a new vision and a new perspective on what you need to do on a continuous basis.

Successful people have achieved success in part because they chose to; because they decided to do things in a simple and organized way. And doing simple things or taking simple decisions after all, will create a positive environment for you to work and live in. And it will fill you with knowledge and will allow you to eventually make increasingly complex and more difficult actions. But you need to start at the beginning, at the simple steps. A marathon runner does not run 42 miles in two hours and 20 minutes without years of training. Like a baseball or football player, or a successful business person or entrepreneur: they have done the right things for years and have been determined to do so.

Most people choose not to make things simple. Success takes in the process of training, preparation and continuous improvement that allow the person to succeed in everything he wants and decides to succeed on. The important thing here is to realize and understand that all successful people achieved success just starting to do the simple things!

Luis Vicente García

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