Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Q4 Starts Today!

Dear Friends,

This has been a very fast paced year, or at least it seems so. Have you set aside a time to review your plan and focus on what matters most? Have you celebrated the many accomplishments you have had during the year? Are you still working on those goals you set out to achieve?

If the answers to all of these questions were ‘YES’, well, congratulations. If you had a ‘no’ among these answers, the good news is that you still have time:

·         Time to redefine and adjust your goals: Always do something that gets you closer to your goal. Remember that your strategy remains the same, but you need to be flexible on your goals (if your goal is too big, then create sub-goals);

·         Time to focus on your plan: what have you achieved so far in 2014? Are you working on your clients the way you should be nurturing and monitoring them? Remember that usually Q4 is the best quarter of the year;

·         Time to celebrate: regardless of the importance of your achievements, celebrate them. If you have had many achievements, celebrate even more. And if you have not done so, plan a big end-year celebration where you can recognize your achievements and those of your team members who helped in achieving them. Remember: Teams are comprised of people that work and perform better when working together.

New research has indicated that it is very important to share your stories, to work in your brand, to focus on your marketing, and to make your team more productive while working together. In working with companies develop their strategic plan we have realized that to tap into the full potential of all of your employees, you need to share your Q4 Plan with more than just a few people at the top. Whether you schedule a company meeting and explain it or post the plan around your company, do whatever is most effective to make sure everyone clearly understands their role in making Q4 a success.’

Work on your company, on your team, on your goals and create your plan to a really great Q4. To learn how we can help you and your company achieve your goals while working on your strategies and improving your performance, please contact us at or visit our web page  

“You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change.” - Les Brown

To your Success,
Luis Vicente

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