Sunday, May 24, 2015

It's Sunday... it must be Raining!

Spring is a beautiful time of the year; for some, the most beautiful season of all. This has been my first spring in Houston and actually, my last weekend here before heading back home; and I was expecting a beautiful season as well. But instead, we have had the worst torrential rains and floods in Harris County, Texas in over 35 years and today is Sunday, and as it has been over the past four weeks, it must be raining.

We have all heard the phrase ‘Spring Showers, May Flowers’; well, yes it’s true. But after April showers came May rains, thunderstorms and floods; so the flowers came and then, they drowned. I do not want to sound drastic or dramatic, but I have never seen or heard so many warnings for floods and river overflows as have this past month. So May has been a wet and rainy month. In fact, we have had an above average rain month this May and then of course our forecast for today is 100% rain with thunderstorms and now the usual flood warning; so yes indeed, it is Sunday and it is raining.

However, there are no excuses to stop you from doing the many wonderful things you can do on a rainy Sunday; especially when you could take the time to relax and do every single thing you never have the time to do. So here is a short compilation of some of the many things we can do today:

-          Finish reading the book you are reading or start reading a new one;
-          Sit down and write a short story, a novel, a poem;
-          Start cooking; be creative;
-          Do some exercise, inside or outside (I just finished my 10 Km Sunday walk and of course came back all wet, but really enjoyed it);
-          Plan your summer vacation or a long family weekend, if you are planning one;
-          Talk; yes, simply talk;
-          Talk to your family and friends, it is still one of those nice things we can all do;
-          Call someone you have not talked to in a long time;
-          Finish that long overdue project you have postponed (and yes we all have such projects);
-          Finish working on your idea, that prototype you have been thinking about for so long;
-          Play chess or any nice table game with your kids; they would learn much form it;
-          Have a puzzle? Nice day to do it;
-          Plan your week ahead;
-          Do part of your homework so you do not have to do it during the week;
-          Go to a Museum, yes that one you only visited years ago;
-          Get that much deserved rest you know you need; or simply,
-          Relax and enjoy the rain.

People complain all of the time. If it rains too much, if it is too hot, too dry, too cold; well, it is what it is and we cannot do anything, as it is Mother Nature calling on us.

So make the best of it. If it rains, read or listen to music; if it is sunny, go out and play. Make the best of your life; it depends on your attitude. And even if it is Sunday and it must be raining, enjoy life, be happy and keep motivated.

Do not complain, see this with a new attitude and a different perspective; have a different approach and even though it is Sunday and yes, it is raining, decide to enjoy it and have a wonderful Day!

Luis Vicente

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