Monday, May 18, 2015

Excellence in Entrepreneurship!

Have you ever wondered what makes an entrepreneur and their companies excellent? or for example, why do you always seem to use the same companies as examples as having the best products or services or management practices?

One feature that all these companies have is that they are always looking to innovate to meet the growing and changing needs of their customers; and behind them there is always an entrepreneur who has the will to make it possible. In other words, it is the entrepreneur who always strives for excellence.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to give a lecture on strategies for growth to a small group of entrepreneurs. During the lecture I spoke about successful people, amazing companies developing new ideas and also, about transformational leaders. And always one refers to the most innovative companies. We talked about Disney and Disney Institute; on Amazon and its founder; I talked about Peter Diamandis and the X-Prize or the Zappos Culture. And we discussed about the characteristics of successful people (if you want to obtain my PDF on the Characteristics of Successful People write to ).

Often when talking about great products we refer to Apple or Sony. When we speak of excellent services they have emerged as companies like Zappos or Yahoo in the digital age that have stood out far above the others for the service they give. And there is a long list of companies including The Walt Disney Company, IBM, BMW, The Coca-Cola Company, TOMS and many others that are always in our minds when we think if excellent service. Each of us has our favorites, from movie theaters to restaurants or places we think when going on vacation. And, what characterizes them all? Why, that when we talk about something we use a company or a person as a reference? The answer is simple but complex at the same time: all these companies and all these people are in continuous search to improve the quality and excellence of their products and services, and thus, our lives.

Make a list of what you think that makes people and their companies successful. Make separate lists and see the characteristics and qualities of both, and look for similarities even though you will be talking about people or companies. In doing so, see what calls your attention and start understanding why they have been successful. It is a mix of desire and decision, creativity and innovation; and of course, continuous work - in addition to always have a good work team which makes them excellent.

And after all that, see how each of you, as individuals and professionals, along with your own companies can do to follow the path of Excellence!

Luis Vicente Garcia

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